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Board Updates Rules

  1. Six of the Board’s rules reference chapter 4-25 WAC.  In October 2010 and January 2011, the Board decodified and recodified its rules as chapter 4-30 WAC.  The Board corrected the six rules to change the references to the accurate reference Title 4 WAC.
  2. WAC 4-30-048 contained a listing of 17 standards.  But, the rule referenced standards “(1) through (16).”  The Board corrected the rule to reference the complete list of 17 standards.
  3. WAC 4-30-020 contained a grammatical error.  The Board corrected the error.

Expedited Rule-Making

The Board made the above changes under an expedited rule-making process that eliminated the need for the Board to hold public hearings, prepare a small business economic impact statement, or provide responses to the criteria for a significant legislative rule. No one expressed objections.

Where may I find the amended rules as adopted?
The official Rule Making Order (CR-103) will be available from the Washington State Register on April 6. The filing number is 11-07-070. Expedited Rule making (.pdf).

When will the changes take effect?
The changes will take effect April 22, 2011.