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Don’t Wait to Access Our Online System

Greetings All,

It is mid-May 2021, and I sit here in my office thinking about the words to write that will be posted to our website. I think about the topics and events coming our way such as 1) CPA Evolution; 2) CPA exam updates; 3) model rules; 4) potential legislation; 5) continued mobility, and more. I think about ADA accommodations and what that means in the future, since we are planning for remote CPA exam testing today. I think about how CPAs have significant influence on the economic health and wellness of our nation and what might occur with the current anti-regulation movement. Finally, I think about how easy it is to blur the line between the Board’s statutory licensing and regulation of CPAs role and the desire by many for the Board to advocate and provide services for CPAs. Each of these would make for a great topic of discussion and I will undoubtedly discuss in the future. Today, I want to dive into something that can have immediate impact on 100% of the Board’s renewing licensees. Specifically, let’s discuss the Board’s renewal process.

By now, you are aware that the Board transitioned to a new licensing system on March 31. Don’t delay, get into the system right now so that you become familiar with it before it is crunch time. You will not be relearning the system you last accessed three years ago, but learning a brand-new system. Recent history tells us that most licensees will be able to use our new system without a problem. That same history also tells us that there will be some with issues. Those issues will require substantial time to correct causing it to become an “emergency” because of the renewal deadline. We will do our best to handle your emergency timely, but there will likely be others ahead of you in the queue. Remember, you are in full control of what your renewal experience will be like and for most, it is seamless. Don’t wait, explore our new licensing system today. To access our online services, click the “My Account Login” button at the top of this page, or visit

I’ll keep this message short and close by saying that as CPAs, you positively affect the communities we live in; thank you for the example you set for those around you each and every day.

-Dave Trujillo, CPA