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About Us

The Washington State Board of Accountancy is a consumer protection agency that initially qualifies and continues to monitor the professional performance and ethical behavior of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), CPA-Inactive certificateholders, CPA firms, and non-licensee CPA firm owners, serving individual and enterprise consumers in Washington State.

Unlike most state agencies, the Board of Accountancy is not funded by public tax dollars. CPAs, CPA-Inactive certificateholders, CPA firms, non-licensee CPA firm owners and CPA examination applicants pay administrative fees which cover all of the agency’s operating expenses.

We are a very small agency with only ten employees. We are here to protect the public interest and provide the following services:

  • Provide consumer alerts and public protection information.
  • Test approximately 2,000 Washington candidates each year.
  • Evaluate the initial qualifications of applicants and firms and approve or deny licenses.
  • Review and monitor the continuing qualifications and performance of the almost 19,000 individuals and 2,000 firms licensed in Washington.
  • Provide an electronic means for individuals and firms to renew their credentials, change their address, amend firm ownership information and pay fees via ACH or bank card.
  • Investigate on average 100 complaints received and probable violations of the Public Accountancy Act discovered per year.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other State Boards of Accountancy regarding CPAs performing work across state borders.
  • Answer questions from CPAs, certificate holders, firm owners and staff, future CPAs and CPA clients.