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Board’s Purpose and Measures

Our Purpose

Promote the dependability of financial and other information used by providers of capital when assessing the status and performance of those seeking financial resources.

To accomplish our purpose, the Agency is responsible for ensuring that credentialed persons are:

  • Initially qualified
  • Remain qualified
  • Perform competently and
  • Held publicly accountable for the quality of their professional services

Unlike most state agencies, the Board of Accountancy is not funded by public tax dollars. CPAs, CPA-Inactive certificateholders, CPA firms, non-licensee CPA firm owners, and CPA examination applicants pay administrative fees which cover all of the agency’s operating expenses.

Our Performance Measures

Statewide Result Area: Improve the economic vitality of businesses and individuals

Statewide Strategy: Provide Consumer Protection

Expected Results

To timely protect the public from financial harm, ensure the reliability of financial and non-financial information, and sustain public confidence in the regulatory process.

  • We expect that 95% of individuals and credentialed firms will comply with their continuing credentialing requirements and timely respond to Board compliance monitoring inquiries.
  • We expect that 98% of applicants for initial credentialing in Washington State are qualified each calendar quarter.  This will ensure a supply of qualified accountants which is central to the Board’s mission and to the State’s economic vitality.
  • We expect that intake and investigation of complaints, initially assessed as relating to public harm, is sufficiently complete within 180 days of receipt to allow the agency to (a) take administrative action or (b) seek to obtain concurrence of a consulting Board member to begin the Board’s settlement negotiations or formal adjudicative process.

Continuous Process Improvements at the Board of Accountancy