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CPA Firm License Renewal

CPA firms must renew their license by April 30 every three years. If you renew after April 30th, WAC 4-30-130(5) imposes an additional fee of $100. If you fail to renew by your June 30th expiration date, your CPA firm license will be dissolved.

Renew a CPA firm license

To renew a CPA firm license, you must:

  1. Meet all requirements for renewal.
  2. Log in to our online services.
    • The firm must have its own separate account. It is not the same account as an individual’s account.
  3. Complete an online application.
  4. Pay all applicable fees.

Dissolve a CPA firm license

You can dissolve your CPA firm license effective immediately, or upon the license expiration date. To dissolve the license, you may: