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CPA Firm License Renewal

CPA firms must renew their license by April 30 every three years.  If you renew after April 30th, WAC 4-30-130(5) imposes an additional fee of $100. Failure to renew by June 30th in the year that your firm license expires will result in an automatic dissolution of your CPA firm license.

Renew a CPA firm license

To renew a CPA firm license, you must:

  1. Register or log into Secure Access Washington (SAW).
    • Please note that the firm must have its own separate SAW account. It is not the same SAW account as an individual’s account.
  2. Complete online application.
  3. Pay all applicable fees.
  4. Meet all Board requirements for renewal.

Dissolve a CPA firm license

You can dissolve your CPA firm license effective immediately, or upon the expiration date of the license. To dissolve the license, you may:

  • Use the Board's Online Services.
  • Use the Dissolution form. If you select “effective immediately,” then we will dissolve your firm license the day the application is received and processed. You can submit the form by email, mail, or fax.