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Quality Assurance Review (QAR) Program

The purpose of the QAR program is to monitor licensees’ compliance with audit, compilation, review, and other attestation standards.


All firms licensed in Washington state offering and/or performing attest services, compilation services, or other professional services for which a report expressing assurance is prescribed by professional standards, are required to participate in a board-approved peer review program.

A licensed firm must enroll in a board-approved peer review program before issuing a report. 

Reporting Requirement

A firm must notify the board within thirty days of the date the peer reviewer or team captain advises the firm that a grade of pass with deficiencies or fail will be recommended. The following information is required:

  • Details of any required corrective action plan being recommended by the peer reviewer or team captain
  • Planned date the firm would complete the remedial action(s); if the proposed action plan is approved by the peer review acceptance committee


Every firm will provide information regarding performance of attest and compilation services, along with the appropriate fees during every renewal of a firm license.  The firm must choose one of the following exemptions:

  • “Limited Scope Exemption” for firms who have not issued any attestation or compilation reports
  • “Peer Review Exemption” for firms who participate in a board-approved peer review program. The firm is required to submit a copy of the peer review report, response to the peer review report, if applicable, and the letter of acceptance from the reviewing organization (unless the firm has opted to post the peer review report on the state board’s limited access website provided by AICPA).