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Firm Licensing Requirements

Firm Located in Washington

A firm with an office in this state must hold a Washington CPA firm license if performing or offering to perform attest services as defined in RCW 18.04.025(1) or compilation services as defined in RCW 18.04.025(6).

Firm Located Outside of Washington

A firm license is not required for a firm that does not have an office in this state but offers or performs attest services in this state.  The firm qualifies for firm mobility if the firm meets the requirements listed in RCW 18.04.195(1)(a) or (b).

A firm license is not required to perform other professional services in this state, including compilation services and other nonattest professional services while using the title “CPA” or “CPA firm,” if the firm complies with the following:

  1. The firm performs such services through individuals with practice privileges; and
  2. The firm is licensed to perform such services in the state in which the individuals with practice privileges have their principal place of business.

As a condition of this privilege, the firm consents to:

  • The discipline authority of this state’s board;
  • Comply with the Public Accountancy and Board Rules of this state;
  • Ceases to offer or perform services if the firm’s license in the home state becomes invalid, or cease to offer or perform specific professional services if it is restricted in the state of the principle place of business; and
  • To the appointment of the state board which issued the license as their agent upon whom process may be served in any action or proceeding by this state’s board.

Although a firm may not need a Washington State CPA Firm license, all firms doing business in this state may need to register with other Washington State agencies. For more information go to Doing Business in Washington State.