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Accessibility Accommodation Policy


In order to achieve our agency’s accessibility and accommodation goals, the Washington State Board of Accountancy (ACB) is committed to facilitating access for people with disabilities for employment within our agency, and to the customers we serve. Persons have the right to request assistance or other accommodations in accessing our agency’s services and resources.

Policy Statement:

An accessibility accommodation is a modification or adjustment that enables a qualified individual with a disability to gain access to ACB services, employment, or other resources. Some examples of this are modifying application procedures; acquiring or modifying equipment; providing readers or interpreters; meeting in an accessible location; websites; web based applications; software systems; and electronically published documents.

If a person believes they require an accessibility accommodation due to a disability, the individual may request an accommodation by contacting the ACB’s Chief Administration Officer, who is designated by the Executive Director as the acting Accessibility Coordinator. ACB will acknowledge receipt of the request for accessibility accommodation within five business days from receipt and will begin processing the accessibility accommodation as soon as practicable but no later than 15 days from the date of the request. This is an interactive process. ACB will work with the requester to figure out what it can do to help. If ACB denies a person’s accommodation, it will work with the person to determine if there is an effective alternative accessibility accommodation that can be made.

If ACB denies a request for accessibility accommodation, such denial and the reasons for it will be documented in writing and sent to the individual requesting the accommodation. Persons may request a review of the denial from the Executive Director or designee of ACB.