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IT Strategic Plan

Information Technology 5-year Strategic Plan FY2019 – FY23

Vision:  Business’s first and best partner to add value.

Information Technology (IT) is part of business.  It exists to create better business outcomes for the customers we serve.  The needs of the business drive the technology and provide a roadmap to the strategic planning for future development. 

Mission:  Technology that serves the Business.

People First:  Listen to the needs and wants.  Information Technology (IT) exists to provide current and future opportunities to the business through analysis of the current state of business and to provide reported observations to leadership; to strategically plan and execute change; to balance innovation with resources; to always keep the people in mind.  

Values:  Stewardship, Agility, & Entrepreneurship

To use resources to their best potential; to improve access to constituents; to improve the work experience.  To adapt to changes in the business, technology, and government.  To create new business processes by evaluating risks and weighing outcomes; to be knowledgeable in many areas to create interest; to be skilled to see the details and the enterprise; to be able to organize and manage the portfolio.  

Board of Accountancy’s 5-year IT Strategic plan is to develop a better professional licensing experience for our licensees and to provide ways to improve the effectiveness of staff, processes, and systems.

Projects include the Enterprise Content Management System, the Enforcement Tracking System, and the Certified Public Accounting (CPA) Professional Licensing System.  All projects are Software as a Service (SaaS) in the Government Cloud.

IT supports Board of Accountancy’s goals and objectives:

  • improve the ease of constituent access to, and the user-friendly nature of, information related to Board and Agency functions, processes, and actions
  • protect and maintain the security of private personal information that is in the custody of the agency
  • ensure that the Agency is consistently striving to be an organization that focuses on the well-being and safety of the employees through training and process improvements

Board of Accountancy and IT supports the goals and objectives of the State of Washington through:

  • promoting the dependability and reliability of financial information used by the public
  • having a workplace focused on the human
  • using lean principles to drive improvements, increase effectiveness and deliver results
  • leading in an efficient and effective government through sunsetting outdated technology and utilizing the government cloud