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Open Data Policy

OCIO 187 – Open Data Planning & Links  


The Board of Accountancy’s (ACB) Open Data Planning Plan is established to meet the requirements of the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) Policy – 187 – Open Data Planning.

Expanding citizen access to information and for improving government services.

When government makes data available in an open and readily usable format we enable citizens, colleagues, companies and communities to understand and amplify the civic purposes we work on. Open data allows collaboration between private and public organizations dedicated to a common cause; it facilitates transparency in government and supports the state's digital economy. (Ibid).     

Policy - 187 defines the responsibilities and expectations of agencies and the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) related to implementation of existing state statute and emerging private, local and federal practices.

Board of Accountancy Plan

This plan specifically deals with making data available in an open and readily usable format consistent with state processes and within security and privacy parameters.   It creates a shared responsibility between business and technology.

This plan will be adopted by reference in the agency's strategic plan, IT strategic plan, and/or LEAN agenda.

OCIO Policy Statements & Bulleted ACB Commitments

Statement 1

1. Agencies must develop, implement and maintain an Open Data Plan that outlines how the agency will routinely work to make open data publicly available.

​The agency commits to the following general priorities, specific actions, and measures in the twelve months following the adoption date of this Plan:

  • Continue to maintain and make available the Licensee Search on the agency's website.
  • Develop a plan with Consolidated Technology Services (CTS) to upload Licensee Search data to
  • Identify additional data set(s) by September 30, 2017 that may be uploaded to


1.1. Agency plans must at least contain components that outline how the agency will:

1.1.1. Incorporate evaluations for public access or open data when acquiring, redesigning or rebuilding information systems

  • Coordinate technology planning across agency boundaries to facilitate electronic access to state data

1.1.2. Coordinate technology planning across agency boundaries to facilitate electronic access to state data

  • The agency will appoint an executive responsible for overseeing and reporting on their agency's open data efforts.
  • The agency will participate in the workgroups to determine the need for strategy/s related to core common information on people by having two participants from our agency (one who represents the business and one technical) to help answer an enterprise level strategic question.

1.1.3 Determine which information the public most wants and needs

  • The agency's webmaster will develop a plan to track and monthly publish the number of "hits" on select agency web pages - especially those including links to Excel files, CSV files, or Fortress applications, along with the page's title and the name of an agency staff person who worked on the page. The publishing of this information will start no later than June 30, 2017.

1.1.4. Set agency targets for and measure results in these areas.

  • The agency will ensure that at least 10% of its staff complete training within the next year on protection of privacy, redaction of documents for public records requests, or information security. The agency will annually report to the Open Data Program Manager at WaTech the number of staff completing such training, or allow access to agency data in the Enterprise Services Learning Management System (LMS).


1.2. The initial agency plan must be developed by October 1, 2016.

  • The initial agency plan has been developed and approved by the Executive Director as of September 26, 2016.

1.2.1. The OCIO has developed Guidance for agencies on developing an Open Data Plan. Agencies may use this guidance in developing their own plans.  The OCIO is available to consult with agencies on plan components and plan development if needed.

  • The initial agency plan has been developed by the agency CIO and approved by the Executive Director as of September 26, 2016. OCIO Guidance was reviewed in conjunction with the development of the agency plan.

Statement 2

2. Agency plans must be revised or re-affirmed annually by October 1.

2.1 Reporting may be accomplished by:

2.1.1. Publishing on the agency's website or a state open data portal a current list of data sets, plan commitments and results; or

2.1.2. Emailing website analytics, a current list of agency published data sets, and the results of completed commitments from the agency's Open Data Plan to the OCIO.

  • The agency yearly report will be published or submitted by October 1 in years subsequent to the adoption of this policy.

Link to State Report on Open Data Planning Maturity: