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Board Rule-Making 2016: Discipline

After holding a public rule-making hearing on July 29, 2016, the Board amended the following rule:

  • WAC 4-30-142 What are the bases for the board to impose discipline?

The Board amended this rule:

  • To add language to 04-30-142 (5) (i) to include acting in a manner not in compliance with chapter 11.96A RCW under the description of discharging a trustee’s duties in a negligent manner or breaching one’s fiduciary duties.  

Where may I find the changes to WAC 4-30-142?
The Board’s Rule Making Order (CR-103) with text of the proposed rule language is from the Washington State Register (WSR 16-17-036), or you may request a copy from Board staff.

When will the changes to WAC 4-30-142 take effect?
The changes will take effect September 9, 2016.