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Board Rule Making 2016: Education

After holding a public Rule Making hearing on April 19, 2016, the Board amended the following rule:

  • WAC 4-30-060 What are the education requirements to qualify to apply for the CPA examination?

The Board amended this rule:

  • To eliminate the following sentence in WAC 4-30-060(1)(c): “For purposes of meeting this subsection, individuals will be given 1.5 credits for each 1.0 graduate level credit of accounting courses taken.”
  • This change will align the qualifications on a national level to ensure Washington State is substantially equivalent to the other state boards. Substantial equivalency is necessary to allow CPAs licensed in Washington State to be able to acquire licensure status in other US Jurisdictions.

Where may I find the changes to WAC 4-30-060?
The Board’s Rule Making Order (CR-103) with text of the proposed rule language is from the Washington State Register (WSR 16-10-018). Or, you may request a copy from Board staff.

When will the changes to WAC 4-30-060 take effect?
The changes will take effect May 23, 2016