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Board Rule-Making_2013

After holding a public rule-making hearing on October 17, 2013, the Board amended the following rules:

  • Amended 4-30-070 What are the experience requirements in order to obtain a CPA license?
  • And, Amended 4-30-080  How do I apply for an initial individual CPA license?

The Board amended these rules by transferring the "knowledge of the Public Accountancy Act and board rules" from the experience competencies currently contained in WAC 4-30-070 to 4-30-080. This will amend WAC 4-30-080 to require applicants for an initial individual CPA license to complete a course covering the Washington Public Accountancy Act, related board rules, and board policies. Under the new rule, applicants for an initial Washington state CPA license will be required to complete a self-study course, the related test, and score at least ninety percent.

The goal is to expose applicants to and ensure their knowledge of the Public Accountancy Act, board rules, and board policies. This knowledge is essential to impart a public responsibility orientation to new licensees.

Where may I find the changes to WAC 4-30-070 and 04-30-080?
The Board’s Rule Making Order (CR-102) with the text of the amended rule is available from
the Washington State Register (WSR 13-17-059). Or, you may request a copy from Board staff.