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Experience Definitions - Financial Advisory

Financial advising is concerned with the efficient use of assets including funds within the enterprise and raising of funds. This is a service which considers all the client's financial affairs and which develops a plan to achieve a client's financial objectives. It can include internal audit but also include investments such as life insurance, pensions, mutual funds/unit trusts. A CPA candidate's experience in financial advisory services may include participation in preparing and/or advising on:

  • Internal audits including government internal auditors and internal audits in a company that is not related to financial statement preparation.
  • An entity's compliance with requirements of specified laws, regulations, rules;
  • Contracts, or grants; including final contract cost and reasonableness of proposed contract costs.
  • Compliance with regulations relating to governmental financial assistance;
  • Processing of transactions by service organizations;
  • Prospective financial statements or pro forma financial information;
  • Reliability of performance measures;
  • Treasury management services including design, development and implementation of policies and procedures;
  • Credit management services including design, development and implementation of credit policies and procedures;
  • Design and structuring of financial instruments;
  • Assisting investment banking firms with the design of financial instruments and financing transactions;
  • Assistance with finding/identifying equity parties or financing parties;
  • Identification and selection of banks;
  • Assistance with or preparation of financing and loan applications;
  • Loan review services;
  • Financial markets and banking regulatory advisory service;
  • Due diligence reviews;
  • Lead advisor for private placements;
  • Preparation of offering memorandums;
  • Merger/acquisition candidate targeting;
  • Merger transaction advice on:
    • Structuring of transactions;
    • Tax implementations;
    • Sourcing capital;
    • Preparation of pro forma financial statements and projections;
    • Reengineering acquired businesses;
    • Cost reduction and synergistic studies;
  • Appraisal and valuation of targets assets, including receivables, inventories, property, plant and equipment, intangible assets and in-process research and development;
  • In some foreign jurisdictions, the firms act as stock transfer agents; and
  • "Turnaround" business advisors.

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