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Strategic Action Plan

We have developed our agency’s Pro-Equity Anti-Racism (PEAR) Strategic Action Plan per Executive Order 22-04. Our plan details the PEAR service line priorities and investments that we will embed in our key business lines to achieve PEAR outcomes and goals designed to bridge opportunity gaps and reduce disparities.

Outlined below is our plan for 2022-2023:

PEAR Service Line Investment 1

Agency Key Business Line(s): Human Resources

PEAR Service Line where the needs are greatest: Workforce Equity

Our goal is to create a recruitment process that:

  • Provides for a diverse and inclusive applicant pool
  • Eliminates unconscious and conscious bias in the interview process

To meet this goal, we will be more proactive in the recruitment process including but not limited to the following:

  • Reviewing and updating the hiring practices with the State Small Agency Human Resources recruitment team
  • Increasing distribution of job announcements – not only through
  • Reviewing and updating position description/job requirements with an inclusive lens
  • Reviewing and updating internal interview procedures
  • Reviewing and updating questions used during interview process
  • Requiring individuals sitting on interview panels and making hiring decisions to take additional training regarding biases and diversity, equity, and inclusion

PEAR Service Line Investment 2

Agency Key Business Line(s): Communications

PEAR Service Line where the needs are greatest: Public Communications and Education

Our goal is to improve communication access and inclusive and equitable representation for:

  • Individuals with English as a second language (ESL)
  • Populations with enhanced visual and auditory needs
  • Impacted communities

To meet this goal, we will update our communications by:

  • Adding additional language options
  • Reviewing website for accessibility through WaTech and update as needed
  • Providing for the use of translation services
  • Providing visual and auditory tools
  • Ensuring graphics and photos are representative of diverse groups
  • Adding diversity, equity, and inclusion information in our communications

PEAR Service Line Investment 3

Agency Key Business Line(s):  Public Protection

PEAR Service Line where the needs are greatest:  Leadership, Operations, and Services

Our goal is to educate and provide resources that:

  • Provide outreach to communities to share information regarding the difference between CPAs and accountants
  • Provide information through email, phone calls, and our website for alternate resources when we are unable to help
  • Promote education and provide resources by encouraging CPAs to participate in community investment through investing time in community centers and providing educational workshops

To meet this goal, we will actively promote public protection education which includes but is not limited to:

  • Partnering with other organizations to extend our outreach to provide education and resources regarding the Board’s role and purpose
  • Promoting the use of the licensee search tool regarding license status and disciplinary actions
  • Responding to emails and phone calls with alternate resources when we are unable to assist
  • Encouraging CPAs to invest their time in community education and volunteer work

To view our full PEAR Strategic Action Plan, please follow the link provided.