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Reinstate CPA-Inactive Certificate

CPA-Inactive Certificate

Only individuals whose CPA-Inactive certificate lapsed on or after July 1, 2001, may reinstate their CPA-Inactive certificate. If your certificate expired prior to June 30, 2001, your only option is to apply for a CPA license once you meet the requirements.

To reinstate your lapsed CPA-Inactive Certificate you must:

  1. Complete a Washington State Board Approved Ethics course within the six months preceding your application date.
  2. Log your completed CPE into the CPE Tracker tool located in our online services.
  3. Upload your course completion certificate into the CPE Tracker tool.
  4. Submit the reinstatement application through our online services.
  5. Pay the reinstatement fee of $480.

If your CPA-Inactive certificate was suspended or revoked, you must also:

  1. Provide in writing the reasons why you believe the Board should reinstate your CPA-Inactive certificate.
  2. Provide letters of recommendation from two licensed CPAs who have personal knowledge of your activities since the suspension or revocation of your CPA-Inactive certificate.

The Board may ask for additional information.

Any CPE used to qualify for the reinstatement cannot be counted again in your current CPE reporting period towards your next renewal. Please refer to Board Rule WAC 4-30-124.

You may not use the title CPA-Inactive until the Board approves your application and your status updates on the licensee search or CPAverify.

Lapsed CPA-Inactive Certificate - Previously Held a License

If your CPA-Inactive certificate expired prior to June 30, 2001, and you once held a Washington CPA license, you must reinstate your license. Certificates are not eligible for reinstatement.