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Board Rule-Making Continuing Professional Education

After holding a public rule-making hearing on July 28, 2009, the Board adopted clarifying language in two of the Board's rules regarding Continuing Professional Education (CPE) - WAC 4-25-830 and WAC 4-25-831. In part, the amendments:

  • Clarify that CPE taken prior to initial licensure cannot be used for reciprocal licensing or renewal purposes.
  • Require CPE extension requests be submitted no later than December 31 of the year preceding the year of renewal.
  • Clarify that credit for self-study CPE is allowed for initial licensure as well as for renewal.

The most critical of these in the upcoming months is the revised Board requirement that Requests for Extension to complete CPE must be submitted by the December 31st preceding renewal.

Where may I find the changes to the rule?
On August 11, 2009, the Board filed Rule Making Order (CR-103). You may find the filing on the Washington State Register. Or, you may request a copy from Board staff.

When will the changes take effect?
The amendments will take effect on September 11, 2009.